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Proudly Serving the Entire
California Fire Service since 1922

Fire Investigations Committee


Ed Clark, Hemet FD


The committee members within this group will strive to support all fire, arson, and explosive investigation professionals through leadership in education, training, and professional development. In addition, we will focus on standards and guidelines related to the investigation, analyses and interpretation of crime scenes where arson and/or use of explosives is suspected.


    1. To act as a CSFA liaison to improve training and education to all fire investigative units within California
    2. To network with local , state, and international fire investigation organizations and associated organizations in order to gather information that will be useful to members in all size departments
    3. To partner with the California Conference of Arson Investigators (CCAI), International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), and the National Association of Fire Investigators to make any and all training available
    4. To assure all members that meet the qualifications to become a Certified Fire Investigator with CCAI, and IAAI can do so.
    5. To assure all departments are familiar with NFPA 1033: Standards For Professional Qualifications. NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, and the new document
    6. NFPA 1321: Standards for Fire Investigations Units when it is released in 2024
    7. To assure all fire investigators have access to for continuing education

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Justine Salas, Hemet FD