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Proudly Serving the Entire
California Fire Service since 1922

Core Values

“LIVE” for yourself, your family, and your Profession.

    Identify current & future trends for the Fire Service and seek relevant solutions 
    Affecting positive change through practical, creative, and flexible services, partnerships and political action.
    CSFA will continually strive to be the premier Fire Service Trade Association serving our membership and the public.
    Commitment to serving our membership with integrity and transparent communication.


Strategic Direction

The fundamental objectives for The California State Firefighters Association is to continue to be the fire service leader with regard to state and federal legislation, safety issues involving firefighters and the public-at-large, and provide the best in-service training programs available to our members. In addition, CSFA has expanded its membership and business opportunities nationwide in order to increase services and benefits to its current and future members. CSFA’s strategic plan includes a key target of achieving a high new growth rate in its membership over the next three years. To succeed in its objectives, the CSFA is pursuing the following key strategic thrusts.

Key Strategic Thrusts

Develop New Business
Increase the ability of CSFA to recruit new members by adding membership benefits specialists to accommodate increased member and Department contacts, resulting in membership growth.

Through new insurance services, other new products and expanded membership models, increase the geographic scope of the Association to the entire nation.

Increase Operational Efficiency
Develop operating synergies through cost reductions and the application of new technologies and better Board Member, Committee and Staff efficiencies.

Optimize Membership Relationships
Define and measure member needs to ensure that we continue to meet those needs as we change and expand our operating environment.

Enhance External Relationships
Work proactively with labor organizations and other key stakeholders to develop strong working relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Work proactively with other organizations to secure mutually beneficial programs that share costs savings.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to ensuring our members a strong and united voice in the evolution of the fire service through unity in leadership, political action, education, training and quality member services.