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California Fire Service since 1922

Pathways Committee


Deena Lee, Retired Fire Chief, El Segundo FD 


The mission of the Pathways Committee is to bring a team of fire service professionals together that understand the importance of creating a trail for the future generation of fire service leaders. This will lead and give focus to the future young people that are interested in a career in the fire service. Our views come from our personal experience, professional growth, our diverse backgrounds, and our commitment to outlining a great pathway to the future for a Fire Service Career through CSFA.


Introduce – Promote the fire service careers in schools and places where young people are
Recruit – Get young people involved in fire service careers at an early age such as….
Train – Hands on training and visual representation for professional educators is a must
Hire – Assist our young people with the hiring process and preparation to enter the workforce


Our vision is to be proactive, transparent, and continuously engaging with the communities and create pathways, solutions, and recommendations for CSFA and our partners.


The Pathways Committee will work with various partner agencies, including Learning for Life – Exploring, youth programs, public and private education facilities to create a pathway to future Fire Service Careers.

Committee Members:

Eugenia Chan, LA County FD
Donald H. Butz, Lakeside FPD
Greg Lloyd, Hemet FD