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Prevent Training Solutions CSFA Partnership

CSFA is proud to announce a partnership with Prevent Training Solutions and Prevent Medical Solutions LLC. to provide additional training and educational programs for our members and the entire fire service. Prevent Training Solutions is creating a state-of-the-art training facility in downtown Riverside which is set to open this summer. CSFA members will receive a 25% discount on any of the classes the Prevent Training Solutions Team offers. We will also host CSFA sponsored classes at the Riverside location, and other satellite locations. Link to the discount code (members only) is below.


Training revolutionized!

Prevent Training Solutions aims to revolutionize the way the fire service perceives and engages in training, and through CSFA’s partnership, CSFA members enjoy a 25 percent discount on class fees.

Innovative approach

With our innovative approach, we harness the power of technology to create a captive and comfortable learning environment, ensuring that every participant gets the most out of their training experience. At Prevent, we will be offering comprehensive training programs not only for the fire service but also for EMS, Law, Public Safety, and Public Utility sectors. Our training center serves as a hub for diverse disciplines, providing a collaborative space where professionals from various backgrounds can come together to enhance their skills and knowledge.

State-of-the-art classrooms

Prevent Training Solutions state-of-the-art training classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to assist instructor delivery.  We have also included an eight station Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a specialized area within our facility that caters to the specific training requirements of CCTV, dispatch, and CAD operations. This dedicated space allows us to provide comprehensive courses in these crucial areas, ensuring that dispatchers and EOC technicians are well-versed in the latest technologies and protocols.

We believe that by embracing technology, creating immersive learning environments, and bringing together professionals from various disciplines, we can truly transform the way training is perceived and experienced.

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Prevent Training Solutions Fire Courses
Prevent Training Solutions EMS Courses

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