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UCLA grad student seeks retired firefighters for occupational health study

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Hope Davey, a UCLA graduate student, is looking for retired firefighters who would be interested in being interviewed for a study on firefighter occupational health and safety as it relates to wildland firefighting. Part of that background research is interviewing retired firefighters who either retired because of their age or due to other reasons such as getting injured on the job, or because of psychological challenges such as PTSD. These interviews would be 15-30 minutes in length. They could be one-on-one or group interviews of up to 5 people at a time.

Some of the questions will include: are you a career firefighter or volunteer, and did you work mostly on structural fires, wildland fires, or both? (The researcher is interested mostly in wildland firefighter safety). What was the main reason for retirement? Did you ever get injured on the job? What protocols were in place for your safety, and were you able to follow them? Do you think virtual reality and other technologies could have prepared you for the fieldwork?

If interested, please contact Hope Davey to arrange for an interview.  Interviews will be conducted from now to the second week of August 2023. Email: [email protected] Phone: (765)430-1993.